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Please contact Lisa Black at Quality Challenge Coins, Inc. with questions.
305 N. Front St. Suite 401
Harrisburg, PA 17101
phone no. 717-230-8960
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Women Owned Small Business

Overview of Quality Challenge Coins, Inc. .
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Military Challenge coins aren't just for the military! They're called that because that's where they originated. They are great for police departments, schools, colleges, fraternities, clubs and any other groups or organizations looking for fund raisers! These coins are great for everything!. These coins are priced low and have a high profit margin. They can easily sell for $10.00. Collect and trade them! If you would like to have a military challenge coin made for your organization, let us know! We can put your logo on a challenge coin, a special message, a slogan or almost anything you can think of! Take a look inside and then E-mail us. We'd be happy to start your order for a military or a "non-military" challenge coin! Our design and artwork service is free and you don't pay extra for shipping! Our entire price list is online. We have nothing to hide and you WON'T be disappointed!

Quality challenge coins was designed to offer an alternative to high priced challenge coin companies. As I researched the vendors who sell military challenge coins, I noticed one thing. High prices. You won't see that here. You won't see hidden costs either. Our coins are hand crafted and the quality speaks for itself. We even offer discounts on large orders. If you know of any other web site that creates custom military challenge coins and has a mold price or per coin price lower than our rates please let us know! We haven't found one yet!

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Please click here to view our Services, Pricing, and GSA Contract Terms & Conditions