CB Richard Ellis Real Estate Services, Inc. (formerly Insignia/ESG, Inc.)

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Schedule For: Management, Organizational and Business Improvement Services


Federal Supply Group 87

Class: 874

Contract Number: GS-10F-0099M

Contract Period: January 2, 2002 January 1, 2007

Price List Effective: January 1, 2004

Contractor s name: CB Richard Ellis Real Estate Services, Inc.

(formerly, Insignia/ESG, Inc.)

555 Eleventh Street, NW

Third Floor

Washington, DC 20004

Business Size: Large

Telephone: (202) 585-5588

Fax: Fax. (202) 585-5707

Website: www.cbre.com

Email John.Farmakides@cbre.com

Contract Administrator: B. John Farmakides

Prices Shown Herein are Net (discount deducted).

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In July 2003, CB Richard Ellis and Insignia/ESG were brought together to form the world s premier full-service commercial real estate company. Operating globally as CB Richard Ellis ("CBRE"), the firm is the largest of its kind, with a pre-em inent leadership position in virtually all of the world s key business centers. Whether it s a local, national or global assignment, CBRE applies insight, experience, intelligence and resources to help clients make informed real estate decisions. CBRE s strength s, which are applied to every transaction and client relationship, include:

Operating from over 250 offices in 48 countries, the company is home to over 14,000 employees, including 5,300 brokers, who can provide expert answers and solutions to every commercial real estate question or issue. Last year, the combined companies posted ser vice revenues totaling $1.75 billion and completed over 374 million sq. ft. of leasing worth more than $30 billion. The firm s annual property sales and financing transactions are valued at over $50 billion. In addition, CBRE has an international property and co rporate facilities management portfolio that totals more than 700 million sq. ft. with over $14 billion in investment assets under management. CBRE also completed $9 billion in loan originations and sales with over 41,000 appraisal/valuation and advisory assignme nts last year. In the U.S., CBRE s 8,700 employees (including 2,400 brokers) were responsible for more than $41 billion in transaction activity. The firm completed 280 million sq. ft. of U.S. leasing transactions last year, valued at over $20 billion, and has a property management portfolio of 350 million sq. ft. throughout the country.

An integral component of the company s success is its Federal Government Services Group (FGSG), which is headquartered in the firm s Washington, DC office and comprised of highly skilled professionals, experienced in all aspects of transactions involving the fe deral government. Underpinning the FGSG s capabilities is its grasp of the rules, regulations, policies and OMB budget scoring requirements controlling transactions involving the government. Based in Washington, DC, the FGSG can fulfill the requirements of the fed eral government both locally and nationally. The group consists of two divisions: i) Federal Government Lease Consulting, which provides procurement transaction management, contract administration, and conflict resolution services in connection with the lea sing of office, warehouse, laboratory and other commercial space by the federal government; and ii) Federal Financial Advisory Services, which offers the federal government a broad range of financial advisory services relating to portfolio loan sales, servi cing, valuation, capital market transactions, appraisal, acquisition and dispositions, due diligence and asset management.

CBRE also offers Investment Sales, Financing, Asset Valuation, Corporate Real Estate, Fee Development, Construction Management, and Tenant Representation services.

To learn more about CB Richard Ellis Real Estate Services, Inc., please visit our website at www.cbre.com.


Customer Information

Price List for SIN 874-1


Hourly Rates:

Labor Category





Executive Managing Director

$ 356.11

$ 363.23

$ 370.49

$ 377.90

Managing Director

$ 327.62

$ 334.17

$ 340.86

$ 347.67


$ 254.36

$ 259.45

$ 264.64

$ 269.93

Associate Director

$ 203.49

$ 207.56

$ 211.71

$ 215.94



$ 160.86

$ 164.07

$ 167.36

Financial Analyst


$ 259.45

$ 264.64

$ 269.93


$ 50.87

$ 51.89

$ 52.93

$ 53.99

* The above prices include the reduced Industrial Funding Fee effective January 1, 2004. 






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Geographic coverage:



Points of production:

CB Richard Ellis Real Estate Services, Inc. (formerly Insignia/ESG)

555 Eleventh Street, NW

Suite 300

Washington, DC 20004


Discount from list prices:



Quantity discounts:



Prompt payment terms:



Government Purchase cards below the micro-purchase threshold:

Yes; Below $2500.00


Government Purchase cards above the micro-purchase threshold:



Foreign items:



Time of delivery:

Dependent upon the scope of the contract


Expedited delivery:



Overnight & 2-day delivery:



Urgent requirements:



F.O.B. points:



Ordering address:

CB Richard Ellis Real Estate Services, Inc. (formerly Insignia/ESG, Inc.)

Attention: B. John Farmakides

555 Eleventh Street, NW

Third Floor

Washington, DC 20004


Ordering procedures:

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Payment address:

CB Richard Ellis Real Estate Services, Inc. (formerly Insignia/ESG, Inc.)

Attention: Corporate Accounting
555 Eleventh Street, NW
Suite 300
Washington, DC 20004


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CB Richard Ellis Real Estate Services, Inc. (formerly Insignia/ESG, Inc.) uses recycled paper and products whenever possible


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Description of Labor Categories

Executive Managing Director General transaction oversight, address and resolve major issues/concerns with contract, interface with senior Government personnel.

Minimum Qualifications BA/BS degree, 10+ years of Project Management, and/or Transactional experience. CPM designation, Entrepreneurial skills required.

Managing Director General transaction oversight, address and resolve key issues on specific tasks and deliverables forwarded by Director, interface with senior Government personnel, oversee the delivery of weekly and monthly status reports.

Minimum Qualifications BA/BS degree, 7-10 years of Project Management and/or Transactional experience.

Director - Address and resolve only key issues concerning tasks and deliverables forwarded by managing director, interface with senior Government personnel, provide written and oral briefings on solutions/recommendations.

Minimum Qualifications BA/BS degree, 5-7 years of Project Management and/or Transactional experience.

Associate Director General transaction oversight, address and resolve key issues concerning all task and deliverables, interface with senior Government personnel, deliver weekly and monthly status reports. Reviews the work product of all the task lead managers, providing direction, measuring performance and providing additional training, if their performance indicates a need. Resolves all bottlenecks, issues, concerns or problems that may arise during the transaction process. Ensures quality of deliverables to the government agency.

Minimum Qualifications BA/BS degree, 5 years of Project Management experience or related experience.

Associate Directs the daily workflow of an assignment in a specific area or project. For instance, managing an audit review, managing a marketing campaign, preparing marketing material, conducting post-sale marketing activities.

Minimum Qualifications BA/BS degree, 3-5 years experience in a corporate environment or high school diploma and 7-10 years experience in a corporate environment.

Financial Analyst Review, develop and monitor cash flow models, generate portfolio summary analysis reports, data reasonableness checks, due diligence quality control. Analyze various sales strategies and current market conditions, preparation of sales strategy report, obtain and analyze historical sale returns, research and assess the current market conditions, determine trading (pricing) of portfolio.

Minimum Qualifications BA/BS in Finance or Accounting, 2 years experience in related field.

Clerical Draft documents, prepare correspondence, marketing material and all media and advertisement placements.

Minimum Qualifications High School diploma and 3+ years administrative duties or BA/BS and 1 year experience of administrative duties.