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I Executive Summary

Total Systems Development, Inc. (TSD) is an international manufacturing engineering consulting firm specializing in the design, development, implementation of and training in lean systems (process improvement). Throughout a nearly decade of operation, TSD has consistently provided clients with tangible value, both short and long-term, resulting in significant and measurable savings, increased productivity and enhanced quality. TSD was central in the development of the Ford Production System (FPS) and its world-wide roll-out to over 150 sites (FPS is Ford s adaptation of the Toyota Production System (lean)). Also, TSD currently serves a similar role with a multi-billion dollar fashion shoe and apparel manufacturer in the development and Asia-wide roll-out of its proprietary, lean-based operating system. And TSD is currently serving as the guide-to-lean for several U.S. Air Force bases, as part of the USAF s larger, organization-wide effort to implement lean systems, to reduce waste, increase efficiency and drive down throughput times.

In addition to playing major roles implementing lean at Ford, GM, DaimlerChrysler, Caterpillar, John Deere and other, TSD has implemented lean in military aviation, aerospace, chemical, component manufacturing, apparel, construction, and light assembly industries. Our military applications have been focused on the maintenance of aircraft and the process that support mission capability. TSD's current and past activities span the globe, and recent lean initiatives are underway simultaneously in Australia, Asia, Mexico, and locations throughout the United States. We also credit our successes in balancing many geographically disparate operations to skillful use of current information management technologies, a widespread personnel residence and a multilingual workforce.


II Description of Services

TSD s services, as provided, are at times an amalgam of and/or single focused element from all those services described in SIN 874-1, 874-2 and 874-4. Specifically:

SIN 874-1 Consulting Services

Strategic Planning - TSD consultants possess over 150 collective years of lean experience, and a significant portion of that time has been devoted to exercising and refining their strategic planning skills. TSD is expert at developing strategic business and action plans for reducing costs, increasing quality levels, improving delivery times and integrating new entities. TSD has the vision and the years to see the larger picture, and the skills to assemble individual plants and divisions into a coherent and workable system. Performance Measures & Indicators - TSD is expert in mapping clients manufacturing processes throughout the supply chain. We uncover critical and often hidden obstacles to value streams, use proprietary diagnostic tools to create concise and understandable analyses of current situations, and present practical solutions in detailed maps of the clients current and ideal future states (Current & Future State Maps, Business Cases). Process/Productivity Improvement, Cycle Time, High Performance Work - TSD provides comprehensive long-term guidance for process and productivity improvement (lean) implementation efforts. This ranges from creating and executing focused pilot programs in single locations to establishing full-scale multi-site efforts, including executive policy deployment and alignment sessions, multilevel training programs, multiple and coordinated shop floor events, and coaching/mentoring programs. Also, TSD is often called upon to quickly isolate specific production-threatening process problems, and design and implement short-term solutions. In all cases, TSD s focus is to reduce waste, improve cycle time, even flow and generally increase performance levels. Systems Alignment, Leadership Systems, Organizational Assessments - TSD has an extensive repertoire of techniques and methods to align operational systems in the midst of a lean implementation effort, as well as manage culture change and shepherd and align an organization's culture in the midst of such a change. TSD provides coaching and mentoring programs, for training lean leaders and decision makers at all levels, aligning their efforts within the larger corporate agenda, and managing the change in their transition to lean-based systems. Also, TSD has proprietary tools for assessing an organization s status and progress throughout the change process.


SIN 874-2 Facilitation Services

In TSD s role as change agent for organizational/business/process improvement, TSD is expert in facilitating and supporting agencies engaging in collaborative efforts, working groups, or integrated product, process or self-directed teams. TSD is experienced in the use of, and instruction in, problem solving techniques to improve processes and productivity and resolve disputes and divergent views within organizational systems. Integral to these services are activities such as: setting agendas; focusing the decision-making process; planning, convening, directing and debriefing meetings, working groups and discussions; preparing draft and final reports for same; and providing logistical meeting/conference support for the same. It should be noted that while these services are identified under a single SIN designation, from a practical perspective, TSD often provides such services as an integral part of SIN 874-1


SIN 874-4 Training Services

While training activities are an integral part of the services provided in SIN 874-1, TSD also provides off-the-shelf and customized training packages to meet the specific agency needs as relates to all subject matters related to management, organizational and business improvement services, such as but not limited to process improvement, customer service and team building, performance measurement, business process reengineering, strategic planning, quality management, benchmarking, performance problem-solving and change management. For a more extensive list of day-long training modules, combined in any configuration, see Attachment 5.


III Characteristics of TSD Services

The elements that distinguish TSD's capabilities and explain our consistent success: (i)result-focused implementation experience

(ii)in-depth lean expertise and its effective transfer

(iii) flexibility tailoring lean to clients individual needs, and

(iv) disciplined behaviors.


(i) Whether the project is short or long-term, we never lose sight of the return, the economics of implementation and committed clients frequently reap benefits from 7 to 20 times their consulting costs.


(ii) TSD operates with only the highest qualified and dedicated lean manufacturing and change management specialists, most with first-hand employment experience with Toyota Motor Corporation, the founder of lean (each consultant averages 14 years of lean experience). This means that our people have lived lean systems personally and not merely vicariously through the implementation efforts of others. Moreover, our consultants are not merely shop floor practitioners, but they also lecture and write on the principles of lean for organizations like the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME). In fact, TSD, through the collective efforts of its principals and staff, has authored the recently released, 500 page reference book, Lean Manufacturing: A Plant Floor Guide, published by SME (available at


TSD is dedicated to timely and cost-efficient transfer of lean knowledge, so the initial improvements in clients' performance, flow and waste reduction continue long after the on-site relationship with TSD has ended. This is reflected in our improvement plans, prominently featuring "train-the-trainer" courses and decreasing on-site presence over time. The watchword for each TSD-guided implementation effort is sustainability.


(iii) Our clients are the primary focus of our work, and each of our services bears the individualized stamp of their specific and industry-related needs. Integration is a feature of that flexibility. We work with our clients' existing structure and improvement efforts, across all levels of their organizations to build alignment and support for the improvement effort. Moreover, each organization begins in a different place, with differing objectives and degrees of readiness. Success requires the orchestration of improvement efforts on several levels, and it is TSD's ability to operate on those levels that provides its clients with a discernible edge.


(iv) Disciplined behaviors are the foundation to implementing lean, and sustaining the resulting improvements. TSD works with its clients to build and continually strengthen that foundation. Moreover, TSD programs install and maintain discipline behaviors organization-wide. The importance of consistency in following agreed-to standards applies to both management and non-management personnel. And when the inevitable breaks in discipline occur, TSD employs extensive coaching methods and programs to bring behavior back online.


Internally, TSD has operated the past 8 years with a quality control system that includes regular work reports to supervisors and/or TSD principal(s), regular TSD-client meetings and periodic reviews of results to assure conformance with specified goals. TSD personnel assignments for particular projects are made only after review and approval by the client. TSD is flexible in structuring billing cycles to accommodate clients existing accounting systems and TSD s own accounting controls include oversight by no fewer than two persons in the collection of records and verification of billing accuracy. Also, safety is an important feature of TSD services; TSD is fully insured for the work it does and in the nearly 10 years of operation in client factories around the world, TSD employees have not been involved in or the cause of a single factory accident.







Skill Category

Govt. Labor Rates (Loaded)*

Clients Sites

($ per hour)



$ 289



$ 289


*Includes the % industrial funding fee



Course Subjects: Process Improvement (Lean Systems/Manufacturing), Problem Solving, Change Management, Benchmarking, Quality Management, Strategic Planning, Performance Measurement, Customer Service, Team Building (See Course Title Listing Below).

Skill Category of Instructor: Expert

Course Length: 1 Day

Minimum Number Participants: 1 Participant

Maximum Number of Participants: 25 Participants

Government Rate (Loaded)

(Client Site): $ 1,805

Workbooks/Manuals: All books in excess of 1 are charged at cost (approximately $ 35 per course)


Course Titles: It should be noted that the titles below are off-the-shelf products. Customization to the individual client is available, and the cost is a function of the time required to accomplish customization to client s specification, at the rate of $ 289 per hour (government rate).

Course Description: Each course is designed to bring the participant from neophyte to an intermediate level of subject-matter understanding. This is accomplished with a methodical presentation of subject-matter elements, their definition, context and application. Real-world examples of elements/subjects are included in presentation methodology. In addition, each course includes interactive activities, such as exercises and/or discussions of participants /clients actual, on-site problems as they relate to subject matter. This can only be accomplished through the expert level status of TSD s instructors.



Lean Manufacturing Orientation

Introduction to Lean Manufacturing

Roles and Responsibilities in the Implementation Process

Managing Change in Lean Implementation

Integrating Lean Tools


Calibrate (This is a TSD proprietary organization assessment tool incorporating sampling and measuring techniques and utilizes detailed and in-depth assessments that are TSD-administered and scored. The product should be paired with current and future state analyses (874-1), and culminates in a 68 page report with data integrated into the 5-Phase Implementation Model).


The Tools of Lean

Current State Mapping

Future State Mapping

Standardized Work & Takt Time

Visual Factory


Policy Deployment

Problem Solving & Systematic Thinking

Practical Problem Solving

Quick Changeover

Work Cell Design

Mistake Proofing

PDCA Management

Kanban (Pull Systems)


Effective Work Group Relations

Work site communications

Group Facilitation

Group Dynamics

Team Leader Training

Conflict Resolution

Job Relations

Systematic Management


Alignment & Change Management


Course Title: Role-Playing Manufacturing Simulation Demonstrating the Transition from Mass Production to Lean.

Skill Category of Instructor: Expert

Course Length: 1 Calendar Day 2 Instructors

Minimum Number Participants: 14 Participants

Maximum Number of Participants: 21 Participants

Government Rate (Loaded)

(Client Site): $ 6,475

Workbooks/Manuals: Included

Course Description:

This simulation is a powerful off-the-shelf, hands-on approach to learning about the change from mass production to lean manufacturing. It familiarizes participants with lean concepts, their implementation and the benefits of lean thinking and manufacturing. This four round simulation educates through first-hand experience. Participants experience manufacturing methods in progressive modes, as job assignments are introduced, metrics are defined, data is collected and analyzed, improvements are made, and changes are discussed after the manufacturing experience of each round.


Course Title: Lean Boot Camp

Skill Category of Instructor: Expert

Course Length: 5 Calendar Days (1 Instructor for 5 days, 2nd Instructor for Simulation on Days 1 & 2)

Minimum Number Participants: 14 Participants

Maximum Number of Participants: 21 Participants

Government Rate (Loaded)

(Client Site): $ 27,750

Workbooks/Manuals: Included

Course Description:

Lean Boot Camp is a week-long, partially customized training program dedicated to a fundamental understanding of lean principles and their application in the client s existing manufacturing environment. It consists of two days of integrated lean simulation (see course description above) and classroom training, followed by three days of hands-on activities on the shop floor, making improvements and measuring their effects (integrated with some classroom training selection of subject matter is customized to each client).