Environmental Services

  • GSA Contract Number GS-10F-0239N
  • Special Item Number (SIN) 899-8
  • Contract Period
    • February 6, 2003 through February 5, 2008


Contact Information

Blackhawk GeoServices, Inc.
301 Commercial Road, Suite B
Golden, Colorado   80401
Telephone: (303) 278-8700
Fax: (303) 278-0789
Web Site:  www.blackhawkgeo.com
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  • Business Size: Large
  • Location Includes:
    • Blackhawk GeoServices
    • Blackhawk GeoSciences
    • Blackhawk UXO Services


Company Overview

Blackhawk GeoServices provides a broad spectrum of high-resolution subsurface imaging and UXO services in support of a wide variety of environmental remediation activities. Specifically, for remediation of UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) contaminants, Blackhawk UXO (a division of Blackhawk GeoServices) specializes in UXO detection surveys and UXO remediation services for clients worldwide.

Uniques aspects of Blackhawk GeoServices qualifications for subsurface environmental site characterizations and remediation monitoring are:

  • The company provides geophysical contracting and consulting services over the full spectrum of geophysical technologies.  This is important for the reasons that the application of any geophysical technology is site specific, and often requires the use of complimentary methods to improve reliability and accuracy of interpretation.
  • In addition to performing some 50 geophysical projects annually, the company also has an active Research & Development (R&D) program to improve the state-of-the-art of near surface geophysics.  The results of several R&D programs are presently being introduced into engineering practice.
  • The technical staff of Blackhawk consists of highly qualified and experienced field personnel, as well as R&D staff, so that innovative approaches to complex problems can be commercially used.

Unique aspects of Blackhawk s qualifications in UXO geophysics (detection) and remediation services are:

  • Blackhawk is the exclusive commercial provider for the Multi-sensor Towed Array Detection System (MTADS).  Acquired through a CRADA (Cooperative Research and Development Agreement) with the Naval Research Laboratory, the MTADS is a proven, complete hardware and software detection system which was developed specifically to detect and locate buried UXO (Unexploded Ordnance).
  • Blackhawk has an excellent resident staff of geophysical professionals, trained and experienced in detecting and locating UXO using a variety of geophysical methods including time-domain electromagnetic (TDEM), total field magnetometer (MAG), airborne magnetometer and underwater magenetometer, and electromagnetic (EM).
  • Blackhawk has an excellent resident staff of UXO professionals, trained at the prestigious U.S. Naval School, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Indian Head, Maryland and seasoned by years of active duty military EOD and commercial UXO experience.
  • In addition to performing some 50 UXO geophysical projects annually, the company also has an active R&D  program to improve the state-of-the-art of near surface geophysics. Well over 50% of the R&D contracts are directed toward developing sensors and software directly in support of UXO and de-mining.
  • Blackhawk has both specialized UXO geophysics capabilities and UXO removal capabilities in-house.
  • Blackhawk UXO is the industry leader in providing integrated UXO geophysics and UXO support services.
  • Blackhawk applies innovative technology solutions to the complex problems associated with UXO detection, location, removal, and disposal.
  • The technical staff are among the most qualified in the industry.  Experienced field personnel are backed up by highly qualified R&D personnel.

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Labor Rates: SIN 899-8



Hourly Rate


Review Principal



Program Manager



Technical Manager



Senior Scientist/Engineer



Project Scientist/Engineer



Staff Scientist






CAD Operator



Clerical and Graphics



UXO Manager



Senior UXO Supervisor



UXO Supervisor









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Equipment Rates:  SIN 899-8


Daily Cost

Ground Penetrating Radar


GSSI SIR-2 with one antenna


Additional Antenna




Geometrics G858 Gradiometer


Schonstedt MG-235 borehole magnetometer




Metal Detectors/UXO Mappers


EM61 Standard


EM61 Mark II


Multi-sensor Towed Array Detection System (MTADS)


Ground Conductivity Mappers






Electrical Resistivity Meters





Geometrics OhmMapper




Stratavisor NX, 60 channels


Strataview R24, 24 channels


Cables/geophones, Set of 24


Micro-Vib vibrator source


Global Positioning System


Trimble RTK System




Four Wheel Drive Truck


Equipment Tow Vehicle




2.0 GHz Processor with 500MB of RAM



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Customer Information


Maximum Order

$5,000,000.00 (Please call Contractor for orders over this amount)


Minimum Order



Geographic Coverage

Domestic and International


Production Points



Statement of Net Price

Prices shown herein are net prices


Quantity Discounts

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Prompt Payment Terms

Net 30 Days


Notification whether Government purchase cards are accepted or not accepted above the micro-purchase limit

Will accept Over $2,500.00


Foreign Items



Time of Delivery

Specified on Task Order


Expedited Delivery

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Overnight and 2-day Delivery

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Urgent Requirements

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FOB Point(s)



Ordering Address(es)

Same as Company Address


Ordering Procedures

For supplies and services, the ordering procedures, the information of Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA s), and a sample BPA can be found at the GSA/FSS Schedule Home page at www.fsa.gsa.gov.schedules


Payment Address(es)

Same as Company address


Warranty Provision

Contractor s Standard Commercial Warranty


Export Packing Charges



Terms and conditions of Government purchase card (any thresholds above the micro-purchase level)

Contact Contractor


Terms and Conditions of rental, maintenance, and repair



Terms and Conditions of installation



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Central Contractor Registration (CCR)



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Additional Offices



Blackhawk GeoServices
Southeast Region
706 South Illinois Avenue, Suite D-104
Oak Ridge, TN 37830



Bay Geophysical
868 Robinwood Court
Traverse City, MI 49686



1151 Pomona Road, Unit P
Corona, CA 92882









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