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Kroll Background America, (KBA) a wholly owned subsidiary of Kroll, is one of the leading national and international providers


Kroll Background America, (KBA) a wholly owned subsidiary of Kroll, is one of the leading national and international providers of background checks and employment screening services. KBA s corporate headquarters and one of its four operations facilities is located in Nashville, Tennessee; the others are located in Hampstead, Maryland; Toronto, Canada; and London, England. Last year, KBA conducted over one million background screening services for domestic and international companies including background checks, drug screening, surveillance, due diligence reports, disability fraud reviews, and other employment related investigations.


Kroll Background America can joins forces with government agencies and clients to accomplish the following:


     Establish or maintain a centralized or decentralized pre-employment background screening system by implementing KBA s latest Internet technology, which is the most efficient, scalable, and cost-effective method in the background screening industry;


     Train clients employees to use KBA s online system and ensure their understanding of the process;


     Provide expert assistance concerning FCRA issues and give clients complete access to Kroll Background America staff s knowledge, experience, and legal expertise developed over years of handling integrity and compliance issues;


     Become a resource for clients that assist in protecting employees and agency assets, developing safe business partnerships, and building an effective staff by making intelligent business decision and avoiding litigation.



Kroll, KBA s parent company is a global risk consulting firm specializing in investigative, intelligence and security services. Kroll provides information, analysis, advice, and training to help clients reduce risks, resolve problems, and capitalize on opportunities. It serves a multinational client base of individuals, law firms, investment banks, major corporations, middle-market companies, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.


Kroll employs more than 2,000 people worldwide, and our professional staff has extensive expertise in a wide range of disciplines: corporate and criminal law, law enforcement, intelligence gathering, forensic accounting, international affairs, engineering, environmental science, journalism, management consulting, computer forensics, and network security.


Kroll's renowned database is the most comprehensive of its type, comprising of thousands of information sources and reference facilities, consisting of government and corporate records, corporate filings, government publications, specialized journals, and media releases.


Kroll offers diverse risk consulting services through five practice groups:


n                                     Business Intelligence & Investigations

n                                     Financial Services

n                                     Corporate Services

n                                     Security Services

n                                  &nbs Technology Solutions


Pre-Employment Screening


Professional background screening is a cost-effective risk management and compliance tool the first line of defense against workplace violence, careless hiring, and internal theft. KBA s unique automated screening process can help minimize employee-related losses; through highly developed state-of-the-art technology, our pre-employment background screening has proven to be reliable, fast, and efficient.


Our pre-employment screening services include:


      Social Security Number Verifications

      Criminal and Civil Court record searches

      Motor Vehicle Reports

      Resume Verification

      Prior Employment Verification

      Educational Confirmation

      Professional Credential Verification

      Credit Reports



Kroll provides comprehensive pre-employment screening programs that meet stringent compliance and legal standards including FCRA requirements. To create an effective program, clients can select from a complete menu of services that can be ordered ala carte or combined as part of a customized package. Once ordered, our quality field network retrieves public records from reputable sources. Kroll conducts all research in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and our in-house legal department and industry-leading Quality Assurance Team perform quality checks. On a quarterly basis, internal audits of each Operations Center are completed; and randomly, we conduct external audits to assess the ability of our independent researchers to perform investigations and locate public records.



Our delivery and information management process is completely automated using web-based technology with customized privacy methods to protect your data from hackers and other cyber-criminals. This gives you improved turnaround time and allows you to manage programs quickly, easily, and from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Access to a password-protected Internet site enables you to efficiently order reports, monitor submitted requests, and obtain results. We deliver these results in a timely manner using easily scalable systems, thus providing better service, less paper, and detailed data tracking capabilities.


Value-added Service


Kroll prides itself on responsiveness to our clients. Customer service representatives and online help resources combine to provide quick and efficient assistance. In addition to addressing standard customer concerns, HR professionals at Kroll can help you develop and implement sound employment screening procedures that immunize your company against negligent hiring lawsuits and discriminatory issues. Clients will have access to our staff as a resource on industry standards and as expert witnesses in legal cases.


Substance Abuse Testing


As a world leader specializing in forensic quality substance abuse testing, Kroll is committed to providing innovative systems and support to corporate and institutional clients seeking to eliminate substance abuse in the workplace. Since 1978, our experienced staff has played major roles in the development of federal screening procedures, chain of custody protocols, and sample handling methods that have become standards in the industry. Our accurate and reliable services combine the latest technological advancements with extensive flexibility and client support system.


Customized Services


At Kroll our systems are tailored, to meet your specific needs. Flexibility, creativity, and unique software applications allow us to handle any special needs you may have. Kroll stands out in the industry through the customized services it offers. These services, programs, and products can enhance your Employee Integrity and Compliance Programs.

Kroll offers clients a one-stop solution to hiring and on-going employee-related concerns. Our Employee Integrity and Compliance Programs help you gain better control of your business by analyzing and solving operational issues involving the people inside and outside your organization.


Price List


Geographical Area 1,2 & 3

Employment Screening Services


SIN s 595-21C

1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year

4th Year

5th Year


Bankruptcy District Record Search (per district)












*Civil Records Search (per court)












Consumer Credit Report (for employment purposes)












*County Criminal Record Search (per county)












**Education Verification (per institution)












**Past Employer Verification (per employer)












Federal Civil District Court Search (per district)












Federal Criminal District Court Search (per district)












Military Record Verification












*Motor Vehicle Report (in addition to state fees)












National Wants & Warrants Search












Personal Reference Verification












Profile Search












Professional License Verification












Social Security Trace












*State Worker s Compensation Search












*Statewide Criminal Records Search












*State and County Searches may require access fees. These additional fees represent administrative fees and third party pass-through fees charged by government entities to access public records. Clients will receive a detailed accounting of such fees when applicable.


**In the event that an employer or educational institution has outsourced its data/information to a third party company, we will add appropriate access fees to the applicable verification.

Hiring Matrix



Entry Level I

Entry Level II


County or Statewide

(Criminal Search)

SSN Trace

National Wants & Warrants



Prior Employment



County or Statewide

(Criminal Search)

SSN Trace

National Wants & Warrants



Prior Employment

State Worker s Compensation Search1








County or Statewide

(Criminal Search)

SSN Trace

National Wants & Warrants



Prior Employment

Credit Report



County or Statewide

(Criminal Search)

SSN Trace

National Wants & Warrants



Prior Employment

Credit Report

Federal Civil



County or Statewide

(Criminal Search)

SSN Trace

National Wants & Warrants



Prior Employment

Credit Report

Federal Civil

Federal Criminal

Professional License



Explanation of Services


Criminal Searches


County Criminal Records Search - KBA will check the County Criminal Record (felony and misdemeanor) at the county of residence and/or former addresses for the past seven years. It is critical to note that KBA relies only on physical searches at the courthouse or authority of record not third-party databases of records. Incomplete or outdated information from databases can result in negligent hiring lawsuits. KBA complies with FCRA regulations by providing clients with the most current and accurate information available.


Statewide Criminal Records Search - If reliable and/or mandated by state law, KBA will conduct a statewide records search for felonies and misdemeanors. *Note: not all states offer a statewide service, and some states have incomplete records.


Federal Criminal District Court Search - This search is conducted of the Federal District Court records covering felony convictions for the past seven years in the federal district of current residence or former address [Examples: bank robbery, crimes across state lines, mail fraud, carjacking].

National Wants and Warrants Search -This search determines if the applicant is wanted by a state or federal authority or has an outstanding warrant at the federal level. It consists of current names of persons wanted or who have outstanding warrants in the United States. It is national in scope and is an excellent search for individuals who are transient.


Education Verification


Education Verification - KBA researchers will contact the institution or to verify the information from applications or resumes and include it in the report. Note: some entities may require written requests and may take longer to receive than other records. More importantly, they are trained to seek out person who has the information you need.


Previous Employer Verification

Previous Employer Verification - KBA researchers will contact the previous employer to verify the information from applications or resumes and include it in the report. In the case of past employers, KBA will endeavor to try to gather as much information as possible, not simply settle for name, dates of employment, and pay rates from the HR or personnel department. Note: some businesses may require written requests and may take longer to receive than other records. Our Research Specialists ask performance-based questions, situational questions, open-ended questions, and even more importantly, they seek out the person who has the information you need.


Social Security Trace

Social Security Trace - Organizations should consider conducting a 7-year criminal record search based off the Social Security Number Verification. This method will allow KBA to search resident addresses the prospective applicant may not provide the employer on the application and Notice/Authorization and Release Form. It has been KBA experience that a significant percentage of criminal records come from addresses not provided by the prospective applicant. This service is minimal in cost and defines the parameter for your search.


Credit Search

Consumer Credit Report - KBA will furnish a Consumer Credit Report from a national credit-reporting agency. This written history may provide historical information such as credit account types, terms, amounts past due, loan types, balances, public records, high credit, dates opened and closed, payment patterns, credit limits and modes of payment.


Driver s License Search


Motor Vehicle Report - KBA will provide a Motor Vehicle Report from the state where the applicant is licensed. The report may provide identifying information such as a full name, physical description, and date of birth, as well as dates of convictions, violations and accidents, sections violated, docket numbers, court locations and accident report numbers.

Professional Licenses


Professional Licenses / Certification Verification - KBA will verify the applicant s professional licensure/certification; including license number, issue date, expiration date, present standing and any record of disciplinary action.


Social Security Verification


Social Security Verification - This search can determine the following crucial information:

       Whether the Social Security Number (SSN) is validly issued;

       To whom the SSN belongs;

       In which year and state the SSN was issued;

       The current and other known or previous addresses associated with that SSN;

       Multiple users of that SSN;

       Other names used by the individual maiden, divorced or previous names;

       If SSN belongs to a deceased person;

       Verification of year of birth.


Sex Offender Registry


Sex Offender Registry - Most states require convicted sex offenders to register. This search will confirm whether a name is listed on a state sex offender registry. Note that this service is not available in all states.


Thank you for considering Kroll as a potential partner in your risk mitigation plans. For more information contact John Southerland at 800.697.7189 extension 120 or email