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Trailers, Construction Equipment, Medium and Heavy Trucks, Fire Trucks, Aerial Lift Vehicles, Waste Disposal Vehicles, and Low Speed Vehicles.

Contract Number: GS-30F-0022R
DUNS Number: 163592194
Business Size: Small Business

Contract Administration
Mr. Karl Swanson
1823 North Hamilton Street
Richmond, VA 23230
Tel: 1-888 SAY AEBI (729-232 4)
Fax: 1-877 FAX AEBI (329-2324)


Contract Period
April 18, 2005 through April 19, 2010

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AEBI North America, Inc. For more than 100 years, AEBI & Co. AG, Farm and Public Works Equipment in Burgdorf/Switzerland, has been developing, manufacturing and selling machines and vehicles for public works, the care of grassed areas, snow clearance and agriculture, worldwide. AEBI N orth America, Inc. is a medium-sized family owned company belonging to the AEBI group, providing high quality Swiss tractors and implements to US customers.

As the leading solution provider in the mechanised cultivation and maintenance of land in topographically difficult terrain, AEBI has succeeded in offering its customers throughout the world real value through state-of-the-art technology, optimum operating qualities, appropriate equipment, superior workmanship and a high level of safety. AEBI vehicles are Swiss quality products developed for long lasting and professiona l use.

Maximum Order: 30 Units

Minimum Order: $100.00

Geographical Scope of Contract: Domestic Delivery is delivery within the 48 contiguous states, including Washington DC and Hawaii.
Contractor's Ordering and Payment Address:
AEBI North America, Inc.
Attn: Karl Swanson
1823 North Hamilton Street
Richmond, VA 23230
*Payment may be designated through AEBI Dealer.
Liability for Injury or Damage: The contractor shall not be liable for any injury to government personnel or damage to Government property arising from the use of equipment maintained by the Contractor, unless such injury or damage is due to the fault or negligence of the Contractor.

Statistical Data for Government Ordering Office Completion of Standard Form 279:
Block 9: G. Ordering/Modification under Federal Schedule
Block 16: Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) Number: 163592194
Block 30: Type of Contractor: Small Business
Block 31: Women-Owned Business: NO
Block 36: Contractor's Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN): 54-1915829

Points of Production:

Switzerland: AEBI & Co. AG
CH-3401 Burgdorf
Tel.+41 (0)34 421 61 21
Fax +41 (0)34 421 61 51

Austria: AEBI Rasant GmbH
Messerschmittweg 32
A-6175 Kematen/Tirol
Tel. +43 (0)5232 2361
Fax +43 (0)5232 2123

Discounts from List Prices: Prices shown herein are "net" (i.e. discounts as negotiated with GSA and the IFF have already been ap plied.)

Quantity Discounts:
a. 2-3 units 3%
b. 4-6 units 4%
c. 6 Units and up – 5%

Government Purchase Cards: AEBI, NA, Inc. will accept "Government Commercial Credit Cards/Smart Pay Cards" for payment of Purchas es. No additional discount is offered.

Time of Delivery: 90 Days ARO.

Expedited Delivery: AEBI will make a best effort to offer expedited delivery when possible and will negotiate it, at the time of award.
Urgent Requirements: As negotiated by Government Services Ordering Office and as stated in the task order.

FOB Point: FOB Destination - AEBI authorized GSA dealers are divided into geographic zones. Tractors are shipped to the dealer to be prepa red for delivery and local delivery is conducted by the dealer.

Delivery Zones and Shipping Costs:
i. MSC / Richmond, VA $1,400.00
ii. Contour Sierra / Truckee, CA $6,937.00
iii. Peterson Equipment Co / Logan, UT $5,984.00
iv. Extreme Equipment, Inc. / Minneapolis, MN $4,042.00
v. Steinke Tractor sales /Eaton, OH $3,842.00
vi. Menzi USA / Lakeland, FL $3,813.00
vii. Stuckey Bros. / Stuckey, South Carolina $3,813.00
viii. AEBI New England LLC / Langdon, NH $3,368.00
ix. Allied Machinery / Hawaii $5,634.00
(Shipped direct from Switzerland to Hawaii)

(a) Ordering Address:
AEBI North America, Inc.
Attn:Karl Swanson
1823 North Hamilton Street
Richmond, VA 23230

(b) Ordering Procedures: For supplies and services, the ordering procedures, information on Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs), and a samp le BPA can be found at the GSA/FSS Schedule homepage (

Payment Address:
AEBI North America, Inc.
Attn: Karl Swanson
1823 North Hamilton Street
Richmond, VA 23230

Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Database Information: AEBI North America, Inc. is registered with the CCR. For m ore information on the CCR system, please see

  • AEBI holds the contract with billing and distribution through its dealers.
  • Shipping prices are determined via geographic zone.
  • AEBI offers an additional volume discount for multiple purchases:
    2–3 units 3% additional discount from GSA Price
    4–6 units 4% additional discount from GSA Price
    6 units + 5% additional discount from GSA Price
Tractors GSA Price
TT75 Configuration One $82,828
TT75 Configuration Two $72,697
TT270- Configuration One $96,349
TC07 Configuration One - with Cab $33,875
TC07 Configuration Two - without Cab $28,550
KT50- Configuration One $88,193

Mowing Implements GSA Price
TT75 & TT270 Implements:
Flail mower AEBI/s.m.a. F74TAP $8,574
Rotary mower deck AEBI/Loipfinger T201KLH $8,484
Rotary mower deck AEBI/Loipfinger T220KLH $8,831
Rotary mower deck AEBI/Loipfinger T241KLH $14,059
Rotary mower deck AEBI/Loipfinger T281KLT $15,668
Snow blower Zaugg SF72EL-70-R-200 $15,784
Snow blower Zaugg SF72EL-70-L-220 $23,935
Loading Chute $2,314
TC07 Implements:
Snow Blower AEBI $3,466
55" Broom w/ hydraulic angle $4,082
Self Collecting Sweeper $6,925
50" AEBI Carroy Flail $4,270
55" Morgneaux triple blade deck rear disch $3,778
Other Attachments KT50:
Grit Spreader $6,206
Sweeper 1.40 m $7,507
Rotary Mower 1.80 m- $8,177

Photo of a Tractor
Terratrac AEBI TT75
What is immediately obvious with the TT75 (steep-slope) implement carrier is the new modern appearance of the vibration-damped driver's cab with its curved windscreen and the rounded roof where a pair of headlights are built in. The full-size glass door of the heated all-round view cab permits comfortable access to the conspicuously roomy driver's cab. The most significant thing about the new Terratrac AEBI TT75 is its high performance and sure footedness on the slope. The TT75 comes standard with an on-board computer. This displays the most important functions and operating states on its screen. In order to improve the working conditions, air conditioning can be fitted as an optional extra.

Click for specs and pictures.

  Photo of a Tractor
Terratrac AEBI TT270
The Terratrac TT270 has been designed on the basis of the proven AEBI-Terra trac principle. As an extremely powerful (steep slope) implement carrier and special tractor, it is an all-rounder and the ideal working instrument for all professional applications in topographically difficult and sensitive terrain – from flat golf courses to steep river or road banks.

Click for specs and pictures.

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Terracut AEBI TC07
The new hydrostatic 3-wheel implement carrier with all-wheel drive (3x3) Terr acut AEBI TC07 is a fundamentally new design of working vehicle developed for multifunctional use all year round. The Terracut is intended for the upkeep and maintenance of widely differing grassed areas in topographically challenging terrain both with rotary and flail mowers as well as with cutterbar mowers. However, it is a simple matter to attach implements for the maintenance of open spaces (e.g. sweeper brush)or snow clearance (snow plough/snow blower) thanks to the quick-change coupling.

Click for specs and pictures.

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KommunalTrak AEBI KT50
The new KommunalTrak is a 46 HP strong, universal implement carrier with an extensive range of accessories that are pre-cisely tailored to the basic vehicle. It can be optimally adapted to meet the seasonal requirements of every local aut-hority public works department. The hydrostatic drive, the smooth hydraulic 55° articulated frame steering, the permanent four-wheel drive, the robust front and rear hydraulic lifts and (in spite of a variable vehicle width of 120–55 cm) the roomy, efficiently sound-proofed comfort cab with a very low entry level, are just some of the features that make the service-friendly KommunalTrak AEBI KT50 into an interesting and cost-efficient work in-strument.

Click for specs and pictures.


TT75 and TT270 Implements
Photo of a Tractor
Flail Mower AEBI/s.m.a. F74TAP—working width 1.95 m, heavy-duty, reinforced design; on reques t (costs extra): with reversible gear box.
Rotary Mower Deck AEBI/Loipfinger T201KLH—working width 2.00 m, rear ejection, incl. special PTO-drive shaft.
Rotary Mower Deck AEBI/Loipfinger T201KLS—working width 2.00 m, ejection on right hand side, incl. special PTO-drive shaft.
Rotary Mower Deck AEBI/Loipfinger T281KLT—working width 2.80 m, rear ejection, incl. special PTO-drive shaft.
Snow Blower Zaugg SF72EL-70-R-200—working width 2.00 m, incl. hydraulically rotating chimney and hydraulic deflector for chimney.Loading Chute—(lengths 80 cm, 100 cm or 120 cm) hinged, with 4 segments to change the angle of discharge; incl. se t of hydraulic hoses.
TC07 Implements
Photo of a Tractor
Snow Blower AEBI—Snow blower Aebi FS115 woorking width 45 in, for freshly fallen snow, adjust able ejection flap, hydraulically adjustable chimney rotation 100.1243 and 100.4558 required)
  Photo of a Tractor
55" Broom - w/ hydraulic angle. Power sweeper Aebi for s ummer and winter use, working width 55 in, with 2 jockey wheels for height adjustment, brush cylinder with replaceable PVC brush rings 40 cm . hydraulically actuated (100.1243 and 100.4558 required).
  Photo of a Tractor
Self Collecting Sweeper - Self collecting sweeper Aebi/Wiedenmann working width 51 in, side sweeper , spray guard, removable dirt container; hydraulically actuated, (100.1243 and 100.4558 required).
  Photo of a Tractor
50" AEBI Carroy Flail- Flail mower Aebi/Carroy T1281AE5 working width 50 in, operates in both directions, adjustable cutting height with 4 levels, rear mounted roller (100.1243 required).
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55" Morgneaux - triple blade deck rear disch Rotary mower Aebi/ Morgnieux TF1370EA working width 55 in, rear ejection, 3 cuts,suspended from 4 supporting rollers, adjustable cut, height 0.98 - 3.1 in, quick connection (100.1243 incl.)
  Photo of a Tractor
AEBI/Rasant - Mower/Suction Combination - rotary mower, working width 54 in, 3 blades, 2 front swiv el wheels, 2 rear jockey wheels, cut height adjustment 0.98 - 3.1 in, horizontal blower over the mower blades, weight 460 lbs, suction container, capacity 100 U.S. gal, hydraulic high-level discharge 59 in, universal joint suspension, weight 460 lbs.
Grit Spreader - Spreading width 1.10 m, hydraulically driven, mounted on load platform, Capacity incl. load platform 550 l easily adjustable from the driver's seat, release mechanism.

Sweeper - 1.40 m

Rotary Mower 1.80 m - working width 1.80 m, 3 knives, steel construction, easy cutting height adjustment, without extraction fan.

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Contract Administration
Mr. Karl Swanson
1823 North Hamilton Street
Richmond, VA 23230
Tel: 1-888 SAY AEBI
Fax: 1-877 FAX AEBI