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General Services Administration Federal Supply Service
Authorized Federal Supply Service
Information Technology Schedule Price List
General Purpose Commercial Information Technology
Equipment, Software and Services

Contract Number: GS-35F-0546P

Contract Period: 5/24/04 - 5/24/09

Business Size:  Small

Pricelist current through Modification #____, dated _________.


SIN:  132-33 Perpetual Software License

FSC Class:  7030 Information Technology Software

SIN:  132-34 Maintenance of Software

FPDS Code:  U012


Information For Ordering Activities Applicable to All Special Item Numbers 

SPECIAL NOTICE TO AGENCIES:  Small Business Participation


SBA strongly supports the participation of small business concerns in the Federal Supply Schedules Program. To enhance Small Business Participation SBA policy allows agencies to include in their procurement base and goals, the dollar value of orders expected to be placed against the Federal Supply Schedules, and to report accomplishments against these goals.  

For orders exceeding the micro-purchase threshold, FAR 8.404  requires agencies to consider the catalogs/pricelists of at least three schedule contractors or consider reasonably available information by using the GSA Advantage!TM on-line shopping service ( The catalogs/pricelists, GSA Advantage!TM and the Federal Supply Service Home Page ( contain information on a broad array of products and services offered by small business concerns. 

This information should be used as a tool to assist ordering activities in meeting or exceeding established small business goals. It should also be used as a tool to assist in including small, small disadvantaged, and women-owned small businesses among those considered when selecting pricelists for a best value determination.  

For orders exceeding the micro-purchase threshold, customers are to give preference to small business concerns when two or more items at the same delivered price will satisfy their requirement.

1.      GEOGRAPHIC SCOPE OF CONTRACT:  The geographic scope of this contract is worldwide.  Services provided outside of Canada and the continental United States shall be provided on an as-needed basis and shall include any additional expenses required such as travel and living expenses.




a.      For mailed orders, the postal mailing address where written orders will be received is as follows: 

Help Desk Technology Corporation

Attention:  Susan Leite

2464 South Sheridan Way

Mississauga Ontario

Canada L6J 2M4           

b.  For orders by facsimile transmission, the point of contact is:           

            Susan Leite

            (800) 815-4332


c.     Payment Information.  All payments shall be submitted to the following remittance address: 

Help Desk Technology Corporation

Attention:  Accounts Receivable

2464 South Sheridan Way

Mississauga Ontario

Canada L6J 2M4

Help Desk Technology Corporation is required to accept the credit cards for payments equal to or less than the micro‑purchase threshold for oral or written delivery orders.  Credit cards will be acceptable for payment above the micro-purchase threshold.  In addition, bank account information for wire transfer payments will be shown on the invoice.

The following telephone number(s) can be used by ordering activities to obtain technical and/or ordering assistance: 


            Attention:  Susan Leite

            (800) 563-4357 x222

3.      LIABILITY FOR INJURY OR DAMAGE: The Contractor shall not be liable for any injury to ordering activity personnel or damage to ordering activity property arising from the use of equipment maintained by the Contractor, unless such injury or damage is due to the fault or negligence of the Contractor. 



Block 9:  G.  Order/Modification Under Federal Schedule
Block 16:  Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) Number:  25-274-6094

Block 30:  Type of Contractor B.  Other Small Business

Block 31:  Woman-Owned Small Business No

Block 36:  Contractor's Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN):  Not required because offeror is a foreign corporation.

4a. CAGE Code:  L3423 

4b. CENTRAL CONTRACTOR REGISTRATION (CCR): Help Desk Technology Corporation has registered with the Central Contractor Registration Database. 

5.      FOB Destination: It is expected that all Information Technology professional services described herein will be performed either at an Help Desk Technology facility or at a government designated facility.  Place of performance shall be designated on the purchase order or in the Statement of Work. 



a.   TIME OF DELIVERY:  The Contractor shall deliver to destination within the number of calendar days after receipt of order (ARO), as set forth below:

SPECIAL ITEM NUMBER            DELIVERY TIME (Days ARO)           

                        SIN 132-33                               Negotiated with each task order

                        SIN 132-34                               Negotiated with each task order

b.  URGENT REQUIREMENTS:  When the Federal Supply Schedule contract delivery period does not meet the bona fide urgent delivery requirements of an ordering activity, ordering activities are encouraged, if time permits, to contact the Contractor for the purpose of obtaining accelerated delivery.  The Contractor shall reply to the inquiry within 3 workdays after receipt.  (Telephonic replies shall be confirmed by the Contractor in writing.)  If the Contractor offers an accelerated delivery time acceptable to the ordering activity, any order(s) placed pursuant to the agreed upon accelerated delivery time frame shall be delivered within this shorter delivery time and in accordance with all other terms and conditions of the contract.

7.      DISCOUNTS: Prices shown are NET Prices; Basic Discounts have been deducted. 

a.  Prompt Payment:  None

b.  Quantity:       10 24 Licenses purchased 10% discount

                            25 49 Licenses purchased 25% discount

                            50 or more Licenses purchased 40% discount

c.  Dollar Volume:  Help Desk Technology Corporation reserves the right to offer discounts in those cases where the value of an order exceeds $500,000 for SIN 132-33 and SIN 132-34 or when business conditions warrant.

d. Government Educational Institutions:  Government Educational Institutions are offered the same discounts as all other Government customers. 

8.      TRADE AGREEMENT ACT OF 1979, AS AMENDED:  All items are U.S. made end products, designated country end products, Caribbean Basin country end products, Canadian end products, or Mexican end products as defined in the Trade Agreements Act of 1979, as amended.




10.     SMALL REQUIREMENTS: The minimum dollar value of orders to be issued is $100.


11.     MAXIMUM ORDER THRESHOLD: The Maximum Order value for the following SINs is: 

Special Item Number 132-33 Perpetual Software License   $500,000

Special Item Number 132-34 Maintenance of Software       $500,000 

12.   USE OF FEDERAL SUPPLY SERVICE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SCHEDULE CONTRACTS: In accordance with FAR 8.404:  Special ordering procedures have been established for Special Item Numbers (SINs) 132-51 IT Professional Services; refer to the terms and conditions applicable to Information Technology (IT) Professional Services (SIN 132-51).           

Orders placed pursuant to a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS), using the procedures in FAR 8.404, are considered to be issued pursuant to full and open competition.  Therefore, when placing orders under Federal Supply Schedules, ordering activities need not seek further competition, synopsize the requirement, make a separate determination of fair and reasonable pricing, or consider small business set-asides in accordance with subpart 19.5.  GSA has already determined the prices of items under schedule contracts to be fair and reasonable.  By placing an order against a schedule using the procedures outlined below, the ordering activity has concluded that the order represents the best value and results in the lowest overall cost alternative (considering price, special features, administrative costs, etc.) to meet the ordering activity s needs.

a. Orders placed at or below the micro-purchase threshold.  Ordering activities can place orders at or below the micro-purchase threshold with any Federal Supply Schedule Contractor.   

b.  Orders exceeding the micro-purchase threshold but not exceeding the maximum order threshold.  Orders should be placed with the Schedule Contractor that can provide the supply or service that represents the best value.  Before placing an order, ordering activities should consider reasonably available information about the supply or service offered under MAS contracts by using the GSA Advantage!TM on-line shopping service, or by reviewing the catalogs/pricelists of at least three Schedule Contractors and selecting the delivery and other options available under the schedule that meets the ordering activity s needs.  In selecting the supply or service representing the best value, the ordering activity may consider--

(1)  Special features of the supply or service that are required in effective program performance and that are not provided by a comparable supply or service;

(2)  Trade-in considerations;

(3)  Probable life of the item selected as compared with that of a comparable item;

(4)  Warranty considerations;

(5)  Maintenance availability;

(6)  Past performance; and

(7)     Environmental and energy efficiency considerations.

    c.  Orders exceeding the maximum order threshold.  Each schedule contract has an established maximum order threshold.  This threshold represents the point where it is advantageous for the ordering activity to seek a price reduction.  In addition to following the procedures in paragraph b, above, and before placing an order that exceeds the maximum order threshold, ordering activities shall-- 

            Review additional Schedule Contractors

            (1) catalogs/pricelists or use the GSA Advantage!TM on-line shopping service;

            (2) Based upon the initial evaluation, generally seek price reductions from the Schedule Contractor(s) appearing to provide the best value (considering price and other factors); and

(3)  After price reductions have been sought, place the order with the Schedule Contractor that provides the best value and results in the lowest overall cost alternative.  If further price reductions are not offered, an order may still be placed, if the ordering activity determines that it is appropriate.

   NOTE:  For orders exceeding the maximum order threshold, the Contractor may:

 (1)  Offer a new lower price for this requirement (the Price Reductions clause is not applicable to orders placed over the maximum order in FAR 52.216-19 Order Limitations);

             (2)  Offer the lowest price available under the contract; or

(3)  Decline the order (orders must be returned in accordance with FAR 52.216-19).

     d.  Blanket purchase agreements (BPAs).  The establishment of Federal Supply Schedule BPAs is permitted when following the ordering procedures in FAR 8.404.  All schedule contracts contain BPA provisions.  Ordering activities may use BPAs to establish accounts with Contractors to fill recurring requirements.  BPAs should address the frequency of ordering and invoicing, discounts, and delivery locations and times.

e. Price reductions.  In addition to the circumstances outlined in paragraph c, above, there may be instances when ordering activities will find it advantageous to request a price reduction.  For example, when the ordering activity finds a schedule supply or service elsewhere at a lower price or when a BPA is being established to fill recurring requirements, requesting a price reduction could be advantageous.  The potential volume of orders under these agreements, regardless of the size of the individual order, may offer the ordering activity the opportunity to secure greater discounts.  Schedule Contractors are not required to pass on to all schedule users a price reduction extended only to an individual ordering activity for a specific order.

f.  Small business.  For orders exceeding the micro-purchase threshold, ordering activities should give preference to the items of small business concerns when two or more items at the same delivered price will satisfy the requirement.

g. Documentation.  Orders should be documented, at a minimum, by identifying the Contractor the item was purchased from, the item purchased, and the amount paid.  If an ordering activity requirement in excess of the micro-purchase threshold is defined so as to require a particular brand name, product, or feature of a product peculiar to one manufacturer, thereby precluding consideration of a product manufactured by another company, the ordering activity shall include an explanation in the file as to why the particular brand name, product, or feature is essential to satisfy the ordering activity s needs.

13. FEDERAL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY/ TELECOMMUNICATION STANDARDS REQUIREMENTS:  Ordering activities acquiring products from this Schedule must comply with the provisions of the Federal Standards Program, as appropriate (reference:  NIST Federal Standards Index).  Inquiries to determine whether or not specific products listed herein comply with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) or Federal Telecommunication Standards (FED-STDS), which are cited by ordering activities, shall be responded to promptly by the Contractor. 

13.1  FEDERAL INFORMATION PROCESSING STANDARDS PUBLICATIONS (FIPS PUBS):  Information Technology products under this Schedule that do not conform to Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) should not be acquired unless a waiver has been granted in accordance with the applicable "FIPS Publication."  Federal Information Processing Standards Publications (FIPS PUBS) are issued by the U.S. Department of Commerce,  National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), pursuant to National Security Act.  Information concerning their availability and applicability should be obtained from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS), 5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, Virginia  22161.  FIPS PUBS include voluntary standards when these are adopted for Federal use.  Individual orders for FIPS PUBS should be referred to the NTIS Sales Office, and orders for subscription service should be referred to the NTIS Subscription Officer, both at the above address, or telephone number (703) 487-4650. 

13.2  FEDERAL TELECOMMUNICATION STANDARDS (FED-STDS): Telecommunication products under this Schedule that do not conform to Federal Telecommunication Standards (FED-STDS) should not be acquired unless a waiver has been granted in accordance with the applicable "FED-STD."  Federal Telecommunication Standards are issued by the  U.S. Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), pursuant to National Security Act. Ordering information and information concerning the availability of FED-STDS should be obtained from the GSA, Federal Supply Service, Specification Section, 470 East L Enfant Plaza, Suite 8100, SW, Washington, DC  20407, telephone number (202)619-8925.  Please include a self-addressed mailing label when requesting information by mail.  Information concerning their applicability can be obtained by writing or calling the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD  20899, telephone number (301) 975-2833.


  1. Security Clearances:  The Contractor may be required to obtain/possess varying levels of security clearances in the performance of orders issued under this contract.  All costs associated with obtaining/possessing such security clearances should be factored into the price under the Multiple Award Schedule.

  1. Travel:  The Contractor may be required to travel in performance of orders issued under this contract.  Allowable travel and per diem charges are governed by Pub .L. 99-234 and FAR Part 31, and are reimbursable by the ordering agency or can be priced as a fixed price item on orders placed under the Multiple Award Schedule.  The Industrial Funding Fee does NOT apply to travel and per diem charges.

  1. Certifications, Licenses and Accreditations:  As a commercial practice, the Contractor may be required to obtain/possess any variety of certifications, licenses and accreditations for specific FSC/service code classifications offered.  All costs associated with obtaining/possessing such certifications, licenses and accreditations should be factored into the price offered under the Multiple Award Schedule program.

  1. Insurance:  As a commercial practice, the Contractor may be required to obtain/possess insurance coverage for specific FSC/service code classifications offered.  All costs associated with obtaining/possessing such insurance should be factored into the price offered under the Multiple Award Schedule program.

  1. Personnel:  The Contractor may be required to provide key personnel, resumes or skill category descriptions in the performance of orders issued under this contract.  Ordering activities may require agency approval of additions or replacements to key personnel.

  1. Organizational Conflicts of Interest:  Where there may be an organizational conflict of interest as determined by the ordering agency, the Contractor s participation in such order may be restricted in accordance with FAR Part 9.5.

  1. Documentation/Standards:  The Contractor may be requested to provide products or services in accordance with rules, regulations, OMB orders, standards and documentation as specified by the agency s order.

  1. Data/Deliverable Requirements:  Any required data/deliverables at the ordering level will be as specified or negotiated in the agency s order.

  1. Government-Furnished Property:  As specified by the agency s order, the Government may provide property, equipment, materials or resources as necessary.

  1. Availability of Funds:  Many Government agencies operating funds are appropriated for a specific fiscal year.  Funds may not be presently available for any orders placed under the contract or any option year.  The Government s obligation on orders placed under this contract is contingent upon the ability of appropriated funds from which payment for ordering purposes can be made.  No legal liability on the part of the Government for any payment may arise until funds are available to the ordering Contracting Officer.


Any ordering activity, with respect to any one or more delivery orders placed by it under this contract, may exercise the same rights of termination as might the GSA Contracting Officer under provisions of FAR 52.212-4, paragraphs (l) Termination for the ordering activity s convenience, and (m) Termination for Cause (See C.1.) 

17.        GSA Advantage!TM

GSA Advantage!TM is an on-line, interactive electronic information and ordering system that provides on-line access to vendors' schedule prices with ordering information.  GSA Advantage!TM will allow the user to perform various searches across all contracts including, but not limited to:

(1)            Manufacturer;
(2)            Manufacturer's Part Number; and
(3)            Product categories. 

Agencies can browse GSA Advantage!TM by accessing the Internet World Wide Web utilizing a browser (ex.: NetScape).  The Internet address is


NOTE:  Open Market Items are also known as incidental items, non-contract items, non-Schedule items, and items not on a Federal Supply Schedule contract. 

For administrative convenience, an ordering activity contracting officer may add items not on the Federal Supply Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) -- referred to as open market items -- to a Federal Supply Schedule blanket purchase agreement (BPA) or an individual task or delivery order, only if-

(1) All applicable acquisition regulations pertaining to the purchase of the items not on the Federal Supply Schedule have been followed (e.g., publicizing (Part 5), competition requirements (Part 6), acquisition of commercial items (Part 12), contracting methods (Parts 13, 14, and 15), and small business programs (Part 19));  

(2) The ordering activity contracting officer has determined the price for the items not on the Federal Supply Schedule is fair and reasonable;  

(3) The items are clearly labeled on the order as items not on the Federal Supply Schedule; and  

(4)  All clauses applicable to items not on the Federal Supply Schedule are included in the order.  


a.         For the purpose of this contract, commitments, warranties and representations include, in addition to those agreed to for the entire schedule contract: 

            (1)  Time of delivery/installation quotations for individual orders; 

            (2)  Technical representations and/or warranties of products concerning performance, total system performance and/or configuration, physical, design and/or functional characteristics and capabilities of a product/equipment/ service/software package submitted in response to requirements which result in orders under this schedule contract. 

(3)  Any representations and/or warranties concerning the products made in any literature, description, drawings and/or specifications furnished by the Contractor. 

b.         The above is not intended to encompass items not currently covered by the GSA Schedule contract. 


The terms and conditions of this contract shall apply to all orders for installation, maintenance and repair of equipment in areas listed in the pricelist outside of Canada, the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia.     

Upon request of the Contractor, the ordering activity may provide the Contractor with logistics support, as available, in accordance with all applicable ordering activity regulations.  Such ordering activity support will be provided on a reimbursable basis, and will only be provided to the Contractor's technical personnel whose services are exclusively required for the fulfillment of the terms and conditions of this contract. 


Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 13.303-1(a) defines Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) as a simplified method of filling anticipated repetitive needs for supplies or services by establishing charge accounts with qualified sources of supply.   The use of Blanket Purchase Agreements under the Federal Supply Schedule Program is authorized in accordance with FAR 13.303-2(c)(3), which reads, in part, as follows: 

BPAs may be established with Federal Supply Schedule Contractors, if not inconsistent with the terms of he applicable schedule contract.  

Federal Supply Schedule contracts contain BPA provisions to enable schedule users to maximize their administrative and purchasing savings.  This feature permits schedule users to set up accounts with Schedule Contractors to fill recurring requirements.  These accounts establish a period for the BPA and generally address issues such as the frequency of ordering and invoicing, authorized callers, discounts, delivery locations and times. 

Agencies may qualify for the best quantity/volume discounts available under the contract, based on the potential volume of business that may be generated through such an agreement, regardless of the size of the individual orders.  In addition, agencies may be able to secure a discount higher than that available in the contract based on the aggregate volume of business possible under a BPA.   

Finally, Contractors may be open to a progressive type of discounting where the discount would increase once the sales accumulated under the BPA reach certain prescribed levels.  Use of a BPA may be particularly useful with the new Maximum Order feature.  See the Suggested Format, contained in this Schedule Pricelist, for customers to consider when using this purchasing tool.


Contractors participating in contractor team arrangements must abide by all terms and conditions of their respective contracts.  This includes compliance with Clauses 552.238-74, Contractor s Reports of Sales and 552.238-76, Industrial Funding Fee, i.e., each contractor (team member) must report sales and remit the IFF for all products and services provided under its individual contract. 


The Davis-Bacon Act (40 U.S.C. 276a-276a-7) provides that contracts in excess of $2,000 to which the United States or the District of Columbia is a party for construction, alteration, or repair (including painting and decorating) of public buildings or public works with the United States, shall contain a clause that no laborer or mechanic employed directly upon the site of the work shall received less than the prevailing wage rates as determined by the Secretary of Labor.  The requirements of the Davis-Bacon Act do not apply if the construction work is incidental to the furnishing of supplies, equipment, or services.  For example, the requirements do not apply to simple installation or alteration of a public building or public work that is incidental to furnishing supplies or equipment under a supply contract.  However, if the construction, alteration or repair is segregable and exceeds $2,000, then the requirements of the Davis-Bacon Act applies. 

The ordering activity issuing the task order against this contract will be responsible for proper administration and enforcement of the Federal labor standards covered by the Davis-Bacon Act.  The proper Davis-Bacon wage determination will be issued by the ordering activity at the time a request for quotations is made for applicable construction classified installation, deinstallation, and reinstallation services under SIN 132-8.

24.        SECTION 508 COMPLIANCE:

If applicable, Section 508 compliance information on the supplies and services in this contract are available in Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) at   Help Desk Technology Corporation is not a Section 508 compliant company at this time. 

The EIT standard can be found at:


Prime Contractors (on cost reimbursement contracts) placing orders under Federal Supply Schedules, on behalf of an ordering activity, shall follow the terms of the applicable schedule and authorization and include with each order:

(a)  a copy of the authorization from the ordering activity with whom the contractor has the prime contract (unless a copy was previously furnished to the Federal supply Schedule contractor); and

(b)  The following statement: 

This order is placed under written authorization from _____ dated _____.  In the event of any inconsistency between the terms and conditions of this order and those of your Federal Supply Schedule contract, the latter will govern.



(a)  The contractor shall, at its own expense, provide and maintain during the entire performance of this contract, at least the kinds and minimum amounts of insurance required in the Schedule or elsewhere in the contract. 

(b)  Before commencing work under this contract, the Contractor shall notify the Contracting Officer in writing that the required insurance has been obtained.  The policies evidencing required insurance shall contain an endorsement to the effect that any cancellation or any material change adversely affecting the Government s interest shall not be effective

(1)   For such period as the laws of the State in which this contract is to be performed prescribe; or

(2)   Until 30 days after the insurer or the Contractor gives written notice to the Contracting Officer, whichever period is longer.

(c)  The Contractor shall insert the substance of this clause, including this paragraph (c), in the subcontracts under this contract that require work on a Government installation and shall require subcontractors to provide and maintain the insurance required in the Schedule or elsewhere in the contract.  The Contractor shall maintain a copy of all subcontractors proof of required insurance, and shall make copies available to the Contracting Officer upon request.


Terms and Conditions  






1.   INSPECTION/ACCEPTANCE:  The Contractor shall only tender for acceptance those items that conform to the requirements of this contract.  The ordering activity reserves the right to inspect or test any software that has been tendered for acceptance.  The ordering activity may require repair or replacement of nonconforming software at no increase in contract price.  The ordering activity must exercise its post-acceptance rights (1) within a reasonable time after the defect was discovered or should have been discovered; and (2) before any substantial change occurs in the condition of the software, unless the change is due to the defect in the software. 


a.      Unless specified otherwise in this contract, the Contractor s standard commercial guarantee/warranty as stated in the contract s commercial pricelist will apply to this contract. Help Desk Technology Corporation has a 45-day Money Back Guarantee on all new client installs.  The Guarantee entitles the user to a refund if they are not satisfied in any way with our product.                                         &nbs p;         

b.      The Contractor warrants and implies that the items delivered hereunder are merchantable and fit for use for the particular purpose described in this contract. 

c.      Limitation of Liability.  Except as otherwise provided by an express or implied warranty, the Contractor will not be liable to the ordering activity for consequential damages resulting from any defect or deficiencies in accepted items. 

3.  TECHNICAL SERVICES:  The Contractor, without additional charge to the ordering activity, shall provide a hot line technical support number 1-800-563-4357 extension 3 for the purpose of providing user assistance and guidance in the implementation of the software.  The technical support number is available from 9:00 am through 5:00 pm Eastern Time.


a.      Software maintenance service shall include the following:  See Software Upgrade Plan Section of this document. 

b.      Invoices for maintenance service shall be submitted by the Contractor on a quarterly or monthly basis, after the completion of such period.  Maintenance charges must be paid in arrears (31 U.S.C. 3324).  PROMPT PAYMENT DISCOUNT, IF APPLICABLE, SHALL BE SHOWN ON THE INVOICE. 


a.      The Contractor shall honor orders for periods for the duration of the contract period or a lesser period of time. 

b.      Maintenance may be discontinued by the ordering activity on thirty (30) calendar days written notice to the Contractor. 

c.      Annual Funding.  When annually appropriated funds are cited on an order for term maintenance, the period of the maintenance shall automatically expire on September 30 of the contract period, or at the end of the contract period, whichever occurs first.  Renewal of the maintenance orders citing the new appropriation shall be required, if the maintenance is to be continued during any remainder of the contract period. 

d.      Cross-Year Funding Within Contract Period.  Where an ordering activity s specific appropriation authority provides for funds in excess of a 12 month (fiscal year) period, the ordering activity may place an order under this schedule contract for a period up to the expiration of the contract period, notwithstanding the intervening fiscal years. 

e.      Ordering activities should notify the Contractor in writing thirty (30) calendar days prior to the expiration of an order, if the maintenance is to be terminated at that time.  Orders for the continuation of maintenance will be required if the maintenance is to be continued during the subsequent period.



8.  UTILIZATION LIMITATIONS (132-32, 132-33, AND 132-34) 

a.      Software acquisition is limited to commercial software defined in FAR Part 2.101. 

b.      When acquired by the ordering activity, commercial computer software and related documentation shall be subject to the following: 

1.      Title to and ownership of the software and documentation shall remain with the Contractor, unless otherwise specified. 

2.      Software licenses are by site and ordering activity.  An ordering activity is defined as a cabinet level or independent ordering activity.  The software may be used by any subdivision of the ordering activity (service, bureau, division, command, etc.) that has access to the site the software is placed at, even if the subdivision did not participate in the acquisition of the software,  Further, the software may be used on a sharing basis where multiple agencies have joint projects that can be satisfied by the use of the software placed at one ordering activity s site.  This would allow other agencies access to one ordering activity s database.  For ordering activity public domain databases, user agencies and third parties may use the computer program to enter, retrieve, analyze and present data.  The user ordering activity will take appropriate action by instruction, agreement, or otherwise, to protect the Contractor s proprietary property with any third parties that are permitted access to the computer programs and documentation in connection with the user ordering activity s permitted use of the computer programs and documentation.  For purposes of this section, all such permitted third parties shall be deemed agents of the user ordering activity.

3.      Except as is provided in paragraph 8.b(2) above, the ordering activity shall not provide or otherwise make available the software or documentation, or any portion thereof, in any form, to any third party without the prior written approval of the Contractor.  Third parties do not include prime Contractors, subcontractors and agents of the ordering activity who have the ordering activity s permission to use the licensed software and documentation at the facility, and who have agreed to use the licensed software and documentation only in accordance with these restrictions.  This provision does not limit the right of the ordering activity to use software, documentation, or information therein, which the ordering activity may already have or obtains without restrictions.

4.      The ordering activity shall have the right to use the computer software and documentation with the computer for which it is acquired at any other facility to which that computer may be transferred, or in cases of disaster recovery, the ordering activity has the right to transfer the software to another site if the ordering activity site for which it is acquired is deemed to be unsafe for ordering activity personnel; to use the computer software and documentation with a backup computer when the primary computer is inoperative; to copy computer programs for safekeeping (archives) or backup purposes; to transfer a copy of the software to another site for purposes of benchmarking new hardware and/or software; and to modify the software and documentation or combine it with other software, provided that the unmodified portions shall remain subject to these restrictions.

5.      Commercial Computer Software may be marked with the Contractor s standard commercial restricted rights legend, but the schedule contract and schedule pricelist, including this clause, Utilization Limitations are the only governing terms and conditions, and shall take precedence and supersede any different or additional terms and conditions included in the standard commercial legend.

9.  SOFTWARE CONVERSIONS (132-32 AND 132-33): 

Full monetary credit will be allowed to the ordering activity when conversion from one version of the software to another is made as the result of a change in operating system, or from one computer system to another.  Under a perpetual license (132-33), the purchase price of the new software shall be reduced by the amount that was paid to purchase the earlier version.  Under a term license (132-32), conversion credits which accrued while the earlier version was under a term license shall carry forward and remain available as conversion credits which may be applied towards the perpetual license price of the new version. 


The Contractor shall include, in the schedule pricelist, a complete description of each software product and a list of equipment on which the software can be used.  Also, included shall be a brief, introductory explanation of the modules and documentation which are offered. 







Help Desk Technology Corporation 

Software & Maintenance Pricelist and Descriptions



Software Product SIN 132-33


GSA Price






HelpSTAR 8.1 Starter Pack




HelpSTAR 8.1 Starter Pack




HelpSTAR 8.1 Starter Pack








Additional Privileged Users (pack of two)




Additional Privileged Users (pack of two)




Additional Privileged Users (pack of two)








Enhanced Report Designer










SIN 132-34

GSA Price





Annual Software Upgrade Plan

15% of License Fee (Minimum $495)







MS Access (Jet)
This version uses Microsoft Access 2000 as its database. It is the simplest and easiest to install. The database engine is distributed free of charge and is included with this installation.  Since this is a file-based database, we recommend a maximum license of 10 seats for this edition.

This version uses Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE), a client / server database engine. MSDE is based on SQL Server technology, and supports a large transaction rate. MSDE (the database component) is distributed free of charge and is included with this installation. If required, the transition from MSDE to SQL is very straightforward. 

This version uses Microsoft SQL as the database server. It requires a license from Microsoft (for the database engine component). This database supports a large transaction rate, and large amounts of data. Sites that are already using MS SQL Server may wish to evaluate this version.


MS Access (Jet)



Database Cost

Database driver - Free

Database driver - Free

Licensed by Microsoft


Less than 10 users

Large transaction rate

Vast transaction rate

Max. Size

2 Gigabytes

2 Gigabytes

Over 1 Terabyte


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Quick and Simple


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Problem Management
Provides automated call logging, tracking and retrieval. Users can log their own service requests via the Windows interface, Web interface or email. Support reps can log requests on behalf of users who phone in or ask for help in person. New requests are usually forwarded to a dispatcher(s), who examines, prioritizes and passes on the requests to queues serviced by reps having the appropriate skills. Workflow is very flexible and will allow requesters having suitable privileges to bypass dispatchers and/or queues. 

Dispatchers receive alarms whenever end users submit service requests. Alarms are also generated to the appropriate personnel whenever requests are forwarded to queues, put into service with reps, updated by primary end users or other reps, resumed on their scheduled dates, are still open when they reach their due dates, or are closed.

Automatic Priority Escalation
HelpSTAR can automatically escalate requests according to their priority and customized priority escalation regimens. When a request's priority is escalated, HelpSTAR updates the request with a trace memo and generates the appropriate alarms.

Self-Help Facilities
HelpSTAR's "Best Solutions" allow the help desk to build a database of common problems and their solutions. Best Solutions may be designated as "internal" so that they are only searchable by reps. This enables the reps to quickly resolve problems with documented solutions, while keeping this information internal to the help desk.

Standard Solutions can also be made "public" so that they are searchable by all users. Thus end users can be encouraged to look for answers to their problems before they log service requests or call the help desk. HelpSTAR keeps track of the number of times your users consult each Best Solution (hit count).

Historical Searches
HelpSTAR's search capability allows privileged users, including support reps, to search all historical service requests via a powerful Boolean text-based search. Searches can be restricted to requests logged or updated by a particular support rep, or that have a specific problem type. A date range may be specified to further narrow down a search.

HelpSTAR contains a library of Standard Reports to assist the help desk in identifying problems, detecting trends and improving the quality of service. Many reports focus on service requests, including a variety of detailed, summary and line item summary work reports. There are also reports that focus on overdue requests, user satisfaction, support rep efficiency, timesheets and billing.

Users with the report privilege can create their own custom reports. These are based on templates derived from standard reports and can be named and saved for either private or public use.

Custom Queries
Users with the "report" privilege can run or design queries to filter and view data from service requests and workstations. Standard queries based on service requests are pre-defined and can be run for both active and historical requests. Users can choose to design their own custom queries to achieve more focused results. 
Workstation queries allow users to view all of the audited data that has been captured for a workstation. Users can also design their own custom queries for filtering the data from all audited workstations. Custom queries can be named and saved for either private or public use, allowing them to be quickly run whenever required.

When updating service requests, HelpSTAR users can schedule automatic FollowUp reminders for themselves. Privileged users with the update all privilege can also send FollowUps to support reps.  A user can schedule a FollowUp for a predetermined time interval, or for a specific date and time. When the scheduled time arrives, that user (and/or a support rep) will be notified via a pop-up message. Whenever a FollowUp is created, HelpSTAR adds a trace memo to the service request.

Users can attach files to the records of most HelpSTAR objects, including: service requests, users, companies, departments, problem types, queues and best solutions. Files can be attached when creating or updating these objects.  Attached files can be deleted by the originator of the attachment or by an administrator. In the case of service requests, a user with the update all privilege can also remove attachments. By default, the maximum attachment file size is 5 Mb but this can be changed by an administrator. HelpSTAR does not limit the number of attachments.

Encryption is especially important in today's security conscious environment. HelpSTAR makes sure that corporate data stays secure by encrypting attachments to service requests. Utilizing the most advanced cryptographic technology available, HelpSTAR ensures that attachments can only be decrypted by the employees for whom they are designated no one else!

Inventory Auditing
HelpSTAR provides a utility that gathers inventory information about the workstations on your LAN. This may be run from a line in a login script and will scan in the background at the lowest process priority, so it will not affect end users. The utility will scan workstations for both hardware and software, and the data gathered can be viewed and filtered by HelpSTAR's Workstation Queries function.


HelpSTAR s Upgrade Plan

Our goal is to provide for your help desk needs now, and in the future as your needs grow. HelpSTAR is a continuously evolving help desk application, very much driven by customer feedback.  To preserve your investment in our software,, Inc. offers the Annual Upgrade Plan. 

The Benefits

      Automatic version upgrades/ updates 

Since the introduction of HelpSTAR for Windows version 3.0 in May 1994, the product has undergone seven major upgrades. The current shipping version (Version 8.0) contains a powerful work-flow algorithm which adds significant flexibility to the routing and scheduling of service requests.  It also contains many effective utilities such as the StarWatch, User Import Utility, Search/Find Capability, Workstation Auditing, E-mail, Web interface, Reports, First Call Resolution Tracking, Asset Management, Queries and Standard Solutions Database. 

HelpSTAR Software Upgrade Agreement 

TERM:  This Agreement is effective from the Commencement Date and shall continue for an initial term of one year.


A.   HelpSTAR (the SOFTWARE) is eligible for inclusion under this Agreement immediately upon the purchase of SOFTWARE or immediately upon expiration of an existing Software Upgrade Agreement. 

B.   Service under this Agreement is contingent upon The SOFTWARE being unmodified and properly maintained at the current revision level.


A.   For the charges stated herein,, Inc. shall provide:  

1)   SOFTWARE updates and Software Change Orders made generally available during the term of this Agreement.

2)   Improvements and enhancements to software documentation made generally available during the term of this agreement.  


A.   No on-site Software Upgrade Service is included under this agreement. Any on-site service requested by the CUSTOMER will be provided at, Inc.'s then current labor rates and transportation charges.

B.   The following are examples of services not covered by this Upgrade Agreement - service due to: failure of equipment; failure of non, Inc. supplied software; catastrophe; fault or negligence of CUSTOMER; operator error; improper use or misuse of the SOFTWARE.


A.   The CUSTOMER acknowledges that all SOFTWARE was purchased in accordance with, Inc. s Software License Agreement, and CUSTOMER agrees to abide by such conditions.

B.   The CUSTOMER agrees to maintain the SOFTWARE to the latest revision level.


A.   Payment of all charges is due on the first day of the period covered by the Software Upgrade Agreement.

B.   In addition to the charges due under this Agreement, the CUSTOMER agrees to pay or reimburse, Inc. any taxes or charges resulting from this Agreement which are levied by a taxing authority, except for taxes based upon, Inc.'s net income.


A., Inc.'s liability to the CUSTOMER for damages of any nature shall not exceed the charge payable under this Agreement.

B.     In no event will, Inc. be liable for any loss of use, data, or profits or any special, indirect or consequential damages.

C.     Does not cover loss of data from failure to perform prudent backups.


If any provision of this Agreement, or portion thereof, is declared invalid, the remaining provisions shall nevertheless remain in full force and effect. This agreement supersedes all prior Maintenance Agreements and understandings between, Inc. and CUSTOMER pertaining to the SOFTWARE. 

The defendant shall determine the governing law and legal jurisdiction for any dispute arising out of this agreement. 

In the event of litigation or alternative dispute resolution process between us concerning the Software or Documentation or Services or this Agreement, the prevailing party in the litigation or process will be entitled to recover attorney fees and expenses from the other party.


USA Commitment To Promote Small Business Participation Procurement Programs


Help Star Technology Corporation provides commercial products and services to ordering activities. We are committed to promoting participation of small, small disadvantaged and women-owned small businesses in our contracts.  We pledge to provide opportunities to the small business community through reselling opportunities, mentor-prot g programs, joint ventures, teaming arrangements, and subcontracting. 


To actively seek and partner with small businesses.

To identify, qualify, mentor and develop small, small disadvantaged and women-owned small businesses by purchasing from these businesses whenever practical. 

To develop and promote company policy initiatives that demonstrate our support for awarding contracts and subcontracts to small business concerns. 

To undertake significant efforts to determine the potential of small, small disadvantaged and women-owned small business to supply products and services to our company. 

To insure procurement opportunities are designed to permit the maximum possible participation of small, small disadvantaged, and women-owned small businesses. 

To attend business opportunity workshops, minority business enterprise seminars, trade fairs, procurement conferences, etc., to identify and increase small businesses with whom to partner. 

To publicize in our marketing publications our interest in meeting small businesses that may be interested in subcontracting opportunities. 

We signify our commitment to work in partnership with small, small disadvantaged and women-owned small businesses to promote and increase their participation in ordering activity contracts. To accelerate potential opportunities please contact Susan Leite at (800) 563-4357 x222 or at


About Help Star Technology Corporation 

Help Desk Technology Corporation was founded in 1988 to fill the need for a value-priced help desk software package.  Over the past 15 years Help Desk Technology has established itself as The Value Leader among help desk software vendors, offering solutions that are affordable and yet have the full functionality that customers desire.   

HelpSTAR is an out-of-the-box solution that is designed to be fully operational in less than one hour.  Over the past 15 years the HelpSTAR product is has evolved to become an important and integral tool for business supporting both internal and external users in both the public and private sectors. 

Help Desk Technology Corporation has a prestigious worldwide customer base of over 2000 clients, including Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, educational institutions and all branches of the Armed Forces.  On the whole, the help desk software market consists of high end and low-end players.  Giants like Peregrine, Siebel and SAP dominate the high end.  These offer packages that often cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase and require months or years to implement.  The other end of the spectrum is crowed by economy packages that are often limited in scope, less than bullet-proof and sold by companies with less that solid financial stability.   

Help Desk Technology s unique market position is a subtle variation of the 80/20 principle (80% of the capabilities for 20% of the cost).  We strive to provide a package that answers 90% of our customer s requirements right out of the box.  Our easy customization capabilities will typically address the rest of an organization s requirements.   

The most unique aspect of HelpSTAR is its robust and flexible workflow engine.  There is no other help desk product at any price point that compares to HelpSTAR in its ability to organize and optimize workflow.  HelpSTAR enables companies to dramatically reduce support costs, while at the same time delivering service that is organized, reliable and optimal.  Our Platinum client list attests not only to the high degree of satisfaction, but also to the fact that whatever challenges new architecture brings, we will be there to leverage existing and new technologies to empower end users with self-service capabilities, and to help managers to optimize service delivery. 

HelpSTAR is aimed at the mid market. The majority of our clients: 

  • Support between 100 and 10,000 employees

  • Have between 10 to 100 support reps

  • Are mid-size corporations, or divisions of large enterprises

Our clients aim to manage and optimize their problem resolution processes, rather than merely tracking equipment and logging problems. Thus they require more sophistication than is offered by lower-end solutions. 

At the same time they cannot afford to spend months and hundreds of thousands of dollars in consulting fees to implement their help desk. Many of our clients find that enterprise solutions are an overkill for their requirements.  HelpSTAR is sophisticated enough to teach best practices methodology, and has a sufficiently short ramp-up time so that it does not take a major portion of the course just to install, set up, and learn the software. 

 HelpSTAR has been designed by a team of support experts who understand that tracking problems doesn't solve your problems.  Instead, HelpSTAR presents a best practice work environment that finally gives you the resources you need to attack and achieve control over support issues.